Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions we are asked:

Q. Why do you use metal stud instead of timber stud in your drylining projects?
A. It is quicker to erect and more cost effective for the client.

Q. Can you soundproof using plasterboards?
A. Yes, we can use a soundproof plasterboard and acoustic mastic.

Q. Can you fireproof using plasterboard?
A. Yes, we can use Gyproc FireLine plasterboards.

Q. Do you have to use insulation in walls and ceilings?
A. No, it isn’t necessary but we find it more beneficial to use insulation to help with acoustics and keeping the room warm.

Q. Can you put access panels in a metal frame and plasterboard suspended (MF) ceiling?
A. Yes, we can install access panels in various sizes.

Q. What kind of ceiling do you need if you have a lot of services to access above e.g. electrical cables and junction boxes, plumbing?
A. We would need to use a ‘tile and grid’ suspended ceiling.

Q. Can you have a metal frame ceiling and a ‘tile and grid’ ceiling in the same room?
A. Yes, this is a method we have frequently used in schools and hospitals.

If you have any further questions, please contact us either by telephoning +44 (0)7835 409 489 or by visiting our contact page