RevCo Interiors specialises in drylining and partition. We use metal stud partitioning and high quality plasterboard with or without insulation in all our projects. We dry line existing block or brick walls, or divide rooms using partition walling to create a perfect finish. Drylining is quick and relatively clean compared to traditional hard plaster.

Drylining creates an excellent finish to your walls and is more aesthetically pleasing than a brick or block finish. Plasterboards may also be skimmed with plaster to create a completely smooth surface ideal for decoration.

We use premium-quality plasterboard for drylining. Depending on your requirements, we may use plasterboard offering acoustic improvements and fireproofing. Some boards are for use in wet areas – bathrooms and kitchens; and as backing for tiles.

Whatever your needs we can help.

Contact us for further information and see how we can help you.